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pH Strips

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Size: 120 tests

Dont let your pH level be a mystery. Our pH-Strips let you know exactly where your pH level is at. This is especially useful when taking pH-Basic, as it lets you track how your body is returning to normal. With a 15-foot single roll dispenser, accurate color chart and immediate results, finding your level is easy and quick. Know where you stand as you get back into balance. Benefits: Know your body's pH level 15-foot single roll dispenser Immediate results Accurate color chart Track progress when using pH-Basic When the bodys pH level is in balance, everything else feels and works better. What is the pH scaleThe pH scale is a measure of acidity, with lower numbers being more acidic and higher numbers being less acidic, also known as more alkaline or basic. The tissue in our bodies falls on this scale, and its better to have our levels fall closer to the neutral middle than the ends of the scale. How do pH levels effect the body While our internal pH level can land somewhere between 4, acidic, to 8, alkaline, the acidic side of the scale has more worrying effects, including not being able to get the most out of our enzymes. There are quite a few factors that can lead to our bodies becoming more acidic, from diet to pharmaceutical drugs, environmental toxins, obesity and other lifestyle issues. How do pH-Strips work together with pH-Basic Fortunately, alkalinizing agents like pH-Basic can promote balanced pH levels in the body.* Not only is pH-Basic formulated with a special blend of enzymes, nutrients and botanicals to maintain the bodys optimal pH level, but its been designed to bypass the acidic environment of the stomach and deliver nutrients directly to the small intestine.* pH-Strips can help you track progress and know exactly where you stand.

Suggested Use

Instructions: Tear off 1 to 1 inches of paper,hold in urine stream (urine is more accurate than saliva). Results are immediate once strip is wet. Compare the strip to the closest color on the chart included.

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