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Nasya Oil

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Nasal Drops Lubricates the nasal passages Soothes and cleanses the tissues The nose is the doorway to consciousness. It is the entrance for prana, the life force, which comes into the body through the breath. Healthy breathing is important to ensure proper flow of prana throughout the head and body. Administration of herbally infused oil, or nasya, helps facilitate the cleansing process. Nasya Oil soothes the nasal passage while nourishing the tissues.

Suggested Use

Directions: With head tilted back, place 3 to 5 drops into each nostril and sniff. Do not use if you are pregnant or have a cold, flu or sinus infection.

Dietary Considerations



*Certified Organic.

Product info

Ingredients: Sesame oil*, olive oil*, brahmi*, calcmus*, skullcap*, eucalyptus essential oil*. *Certified Organic.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Daniel Peters
Nasya Oil

Does not work. Is there a way to get a refund from the manufacturer?

Christina Landry

Love this store!!

Bobby Delamar
Thank you

I had a hard time getting this elsewhere and I found it here for less. It works wonders for my nasal cavities, for they are always dry.

Gyan Kannur
Amazing Stores

I had been shopping for specific brands in amazon for years until I found Wellbeing online. I am delighted by the low prices offered by Holistic compared to big Gaint online retailers. This company has started to put customer front instead of profits. I ll continue to buy from WellBeing.

Elizabeth Jan
Helps alleviate dryness so I can breathe easier.

Instructions say to tilt the head back, but I find using a Q-tip and dousing the end of it in the oil then inserting into my nose works better than trying to aim it in with the dropper. I like having a remedy for the dryness that this season has brought.
I actually sense that global warming is having an effect on how much more barren the air and my skin feels.