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Mint Daily Swish

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A Combination of Sesame and Coconut Oils Infused with Ayurvedic Herbs Supports overall oral health and hygiene Removes natural toxins from the mouth Moisturizes the mouth Freshens the breath Holding oil in the mouth and gently swishing or pulling it back and forth through the teeth is an excellent way to support overall oral health and hygiene. Based on ancient Ayurvedic healing techniques, this simple practice has been receiving quite a bit of attention in the media lately as a way to remove plaque, whiten teeth, and support healthy gum and mouth tissue. Daily Swish is a combination of sesame and coconut oils infused with Ayurvedic herbs traditionally used to support healthy teeth and gums. The herbal oil is flavored with a refreshing blend of peppermint and spearmint essential oils that leave your mouth feeling sparkling clean. Incorporate oil pulling into your daily routine and experience the fresher and healthier mouth that more and more people are raving about.

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Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon Disclaimer

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Jan
Giving it a neutral rating since I’ve only just begun to use this product.

I suggest shaking the bottle first to mix the ingredients.

I start with 2 tsp to swish for less than 20 min BEFORE brushing my teeth.
The oil, texture and taste take time for me to get use to, so maybe I’ll increase the time later.
I sense this product works over time, not immediately.

I would rather have my teeth squeaky clean without an oily film on them,
so brushing after the swish makes more sense to me.