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Bitter Melon Powder

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Helps Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels* Maintains normal blood glucose metabolism* Supports a healthy heart and circulatory system* Supports balanced blood sugar levels already within the normal range* Bitter melon (Momordica charantia) is a vegetable known for the bitter flavor it brings to soup, stir-fry, curries, and traditional meals around the world. Also known as karela, this bumpy bitter gourd is related to the cucumber, and it is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and Africa where it has been used in culinary dishes and herbal formulas for thousands of years. In Ayurveda, bitter melon is renowned for its ability to help maintain normal blood sugar levels and support a healthy pancreas by promoting normal glucose metabolism.* The bitter taste that is prevalent in bitter melon helps to clear excess kapha and stimulate the digestive fires without aggravating pitta or vata. It also encourages optimal function of the circulatory system and supports a healthy heart.* Bitter melon powder can be mixed into your morning juice or smoothie, or simply added to warm water.*

Suggested Use

Suggested Use: to teaspoon with warm water, once or twice daily, or as directed by your health practitioner.

Dietary Considerations



If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or have a medical condition, please consult with your health care practitioner prior to the use of this product.

Product info

Serving Size: 0.5 Teaspoon Servings Per Container: 267 Disclaimer Amount Per Serving Bitter Melon fruit Momordica charantia+ 1/2 tsp Other ingredients: +Certified Organic