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Bhringaraj Powder, Organic 1lb

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Quintessential Ayurvedic Herb for the Hair & an Excellent Rejuvenative for Pitta* Supports healthy hair growth* Promotes natural hair color and luster* Promotes healthy skin, bones, teeth, sight, hearing, and memory* Supports proper function of the liver and lungs* Bhringaraj (Eclipta alba) is famous in India for its use as a natural hair tonic. A primary ingredient in most Ayurvedic hair oils, bhringaraj promotes strong, healthy hair growth and helps maintain the hair's natural color and luster.* It is one of the best rejuvenatives for pitta, and has a special affinity for the head. Bhringaraj promotes healthy nails, bones, teeth, and a clear complexion.* It calms the mind, bolsters the memory, and supports healthy eyes and ears.* Bhringaraj is also an excellent liver cleanser and supports proper function of the lungs.*

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Ingredients: Bringaraj