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Why you should be caring that the sun’s energy is flaring

Posted by Well Being Holistic Pharmacy on

Anyone see the news about the Solar Flare Storm that is hitting the Earth right now? Scientists talk about the potential physical effects that can happen, including disruption of radio communications and air traffic control systems over the North Pole. We are also told that this is a harbinger of even fiercer solar eruptions to happen over the coming year. When waves of powerful energy wash over the Earth, as will continue to happen through Thursday, it is also common for the inhabitants of the Earth to notice “energetic differences” in how they feel. In other words… right now is a time where we might find ourselves having feelings of anxiety, nervousness, depression, anger, sadness… all without necessarily knowing why that is happening. Or, we may have more physical effects like headaches or joint pains or trouble sleeping or stomach issues seemingly out of the blue. We have already gotten calls from people reporting sudden headaches and low energy – and wanting some help. If this is the case with you right now – the best way to address it is to find some sort of grounding activity that feels good to you. Going for a walk and connecting with nature or taking some time to meditate will often times make us feel better. Also, having an energy session for yourself, like the work that Randi Botnick in our office does, can clear up your energetic imbalance and put you back into sync with nature in short order. Flower Essences are another tool to be used. Lastly, herbs like Holy Basil may be helpful in making physical and emotional symptoms get better.

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