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Who can you Trust About the Quality of your Supplements?

Posted by Well Being Holistic Pharmacy on

Recently on NBC’s Dateline an episode aired discussing the nasty business of “dry labbing” that may occur in the supplement industry. “Dry Labbing” is a term used representing a fraudulent activity where a chemical testing laboratory makes up numbers for an analysis that they were contracted to perform – in this case on nutritional or herbal supplements – instead of actually testing the supplement. So, for instance, if you are taking Vitamin C and you see on the label that each tablet is supposed to supply you with 500mg of Ascorbic Acid… how do you know that it really does? And also, how do you know that something that you don’t want in that tablet, like lead for example, is not in there? The hard answer is that you don’t know. The government does not require the same sort of testing for supplements that is required for prescription or over-the-counter medicines. The supplement industry is self-regulated in this regard. But how do you know which of the companies are doing things properly and which are not?? At Well Being, we do that work for you. This is the reason that we use and recommend only certain manufacturers and products! And this is also the very reason why you should use us as a resource to help find the best available product for you. When you ask about a certain product… a lot of thought and consideration goes in to the answer. Here is how the thought tree works…
  1. What is going on with you as an individual that may affect how a supplement works or other factors (including prescription medicines) that need to be considered?
  2. What are quality issues involved for this particular nutrient or herb?
  3. Which manufacturer supplies that product with the needed standards at the best possible price?
In fairness… there are probably some supplement makers that have been duped by the unscrupulous laboratories that have fraudulently supplied faulty information – and yet the really high quality companies either do their own testing or have safeguards to make sure that they are working with respected industry companies – not just trying to find the cheapest testing facility for their products. You can rest assured that products that we recommend are the highest quality available and I implore you to call or e-mail with questions. Remember our motto – get educated, not medicated!

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