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Whey Protein

A study recently reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that Whey Protein is more effective at stimulating muscle building than either casein or casein hydrosylate in older men. This effect is attributed to a combination of Whey’s faster digestion and absorption and also Whey’s higher Leucine content. The reason I find this important is that as we age, it is really the loss of muscle mass that is the cause of ungraceful aging.  The official term for this is “sarcopenia”.  Health declines and chronic disease increases as muscle mass deteriorates. Using a high quality Whey Protein on a daily basis is probably the best way to augment protein intake from food.  Taken 30 minutes after a workout, the body will get the materials needed to build muscle.  Here is a link to my sports conditioning protocol. Whey also is excellent for the immune system and for proper gut function because of its glutamine content. There are 2 excellent Whey Protein supplements that I recommend (and use personally) – Under the Well Being brand and Jarrow Formulas. Although both of these come in some flavored varieties – my favorite is the unflavored because I’m not looking for extra sugars and this is the most cost effective way to do it… you can’t find a better value than 70 cents for a 20g serving!!
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