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The new "Superstar" supplement

How our bodies handle sugar and modulate inflammation are the two most important factors in the genesis of almost every chronic disease… this is fact. There are many things that we can do to affect underlying processes that either lead to or lead away from unregulated inflammation and inappropriate use of sugar. Diet and lifestyle factors are key, of course. Eating low-glycemic foods and getting regular exercise are vital. Stress reduction and proper sleep are equally important. Aside from lifestyle and diet, are there other things that can be helpful? I’ve spoken at length about the importance of healthy fats and vitamin D as controlling many, many genes that affect both inflammation and sugar utilization. And now there appears to be a new player in the game that may very well make it onto my list of essential supplements that everyone should be on… Astaxanthin. This is a unique carotenoid (similar to beta-carotene) that comes from the sea. It is the food that shrimp, krill and salmon get their pink or red color from. Astaxanthin is a very potent antioxidant and appears to moderate inflammation and how the body uses sugar. Because of that, studies have shown that it has implications in helping to avoid all sorts of chronic health problems, including; cardiovascular, sugar, immune support and eye health. You will be hearing much more about this nutritional superstar over the coming months – and I am starting to recommend it for anyone suffering from, or even having a family history of, any metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or cancer. The particular product I recommend is Astaxanthin by Healthy Origins. This is the best and most affordable source for the licensed BioAstin product. Each capsule is 4mg and I recommend 2 to 3 capsules a day. If you have any eye health challenges then you might consider using Super Zeaxanthin by Life Extension because 2 capsules will give you 12mg of astaxanthin along with incredible dosages of other eye healthy ingredients that I’ve gotten excellent clinical results with.
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