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Surviving the Super Bowl

Posted by Well Being Holistic Pharmacy on

“So what, it’s the one day of the year that I have chicken wings, 7-layer dip and too many beers?” The ‘what’ is that it doesn’t have to be a day that sabotages your healthy eating efforts. And, honestly, after indulging over the holidays, I think we are all finally fitting back into our jeans comfortably by the beginning of February. Do you really want to start all over again? It’s just one day, but maybe we can ‘upgrade’ our choices so that the Monday after the Super Bowl isn’t a reminder of how lousy we felt after our fun on New Year’s Eve. ‘Upgrading’ our choices means that we choose a food that we love, and make it healthier. By adding in different ingredients and changing up the menu, we can have food that is fun and good for us. For some, having a day filled with high fat, greasy food can start an avalanche of cravings that carry on well past the Super Bowl. When our bodies have a lot of sugar, it just makes us crave more sugar. This can certainly make it harder to get back to eating the foods that give us energy and help us power through our days. Here are some tips to help. Bring a dish! If you bring something that you like and can eat and enjoy, then you will have a ‘go to’ food that will help you balance out the brownies and chips. Bring a salad, a healthier bean dip, a rice dish or some shrimp cocktail! Below are some recipes that you can try, not only for the Super Bowl, but they are great for any cold, wintery day! Also, have a plan for Monday. Get back to your healthy breakfast, add healthy fats and proteins into your meals and keep lots of raw veggies around to get you back on track!! Call or email me for more nutrition advice and learn how you can feel your best in the new year! 410-206-6643 -   Black Bean Braised Turkey Meatballs with Quick Tomato Sauce Minestrone Soup

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