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Have You Heard of the Znes Nommoc Virus?

Posted by Well Being Holistic Pharmacy on

A brand new, biologically active virus has recently been discovered.  It has been officially named Znes Nommoc.  Its history and effects are a very interesting story that I’d like to share with you.  We should not discount the importance of this discovery and the significant role that this little bugger has played in society in general and more specifically, in the medical field. Even though its existence was only recently noticed, through extensive DNA marker testing we have been able to trace its origins back to early in the 20th century.  It appears to have first infected scientists and researchers in the medical field, leading to the theory that it was originally “created” in the laboratory setting.  The idea that this was actually a designer virus created for military use does seem possible, although it appears much more likely that this was some sort of chance occurrence. The early signs of infection make it nearly impossible to detect.  Unlike the regular course of action of most other viruses, no typical early signs – like fever, body aches, upper respiratory symptoms, headache, and swollen glands – are noted.  The official description includes words like subtle and discreet which are clear indicators that a person could have this virus living inside of them and not necessarily ever even notice it. When a person gets infected, like what happened with those medical researchers in the very early days, the first thing that seems to get affected is the thought process.  The idea that a virus can overcome the body’s defenses and so readily pass the blood/brain barrier and somehow affect mentation (thinking) is a scary thought.  Quite specifically, these researchers started to have thoughts about the human body and the way that the world works that completely went against nature. Here is just one example of such thinking as happened early in the last century.  Finding ways to help people with cancer was at the forefront of medical research.  An early infected “medical pioneer” (who will remain nameless because of current HIPPA laws and the illegal releasing of protected medical information) was exploring ways to kill cancer cells while they were still in the body.  Bombarding the cancer with radiation in the form of X-rays was discovered to kill or mutilate the cells that it came in contact with.  Here is where the subtle change in thinking was first detected.  This researcher decided that it was okay for this treatment to kill some normal cells as long as the cancer cells were dying too. Of course, the knowledge that this new fangled radiation treatment was likely causing mutations in the normal cells, in essence, turning them into “future-cancer cells” was virtually ignored by the researchers that were already infected, and when this fairly obvious observation was questioned by those yet to be infected, the answer was simply… “if that were true, then we are not to worry about it because we have the very same treatment for these new cancer cells too!”  The idea that this sort of thinking made sense to medical researchers is further evidence of how quickly and easily this insidious virus could spread among people. An additional “symptom” of this virus has to do with what we today call “medical arrogance”.  This is the condition by which some affected medical researchers and practitioners make the faulty assumption that if there is a body part of which its function cannot be determined, it must not have a function at all, and thus, is not really needed. An older example of this phenomenon has to do with the thymus gland.  There was a time in the 1950s when the biological function of the thymus gland was unknown.  The height of medical arrogance (as caused by znes nommoc infection) dictated that we irradiate and destroy the thymus glands in children, just to see what would happen.  This, believe it or not, was a medically accepted practice back then. Further research has confirmed that the thymus gland is absolutely vital for immune function… in fact, the thymus gland can be properly thought of as “immune central” of the body.  The idea that in the name of medical research we maimed thousands of young people in this manner is sickening… but at least there is solace in knowing that the researchers who concocted the idea and the practitioners that carried out the plan were sick.  They can’t be blamed for being infected, can they? No doubt there are readers who are assuming that the viral outbreak must have been relatively short lived because these occurrences couldn’t possibly happen today.  Well, think again, ardent reader, because in the time that it takes you to finish this column at least 10 people will have lost their appendixes for “non-medically necessary” reasons.  I know that the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy faculty must be severely affected by znes nommoc because in the early 1980’s they taught me that evolution was making the appendix not needed any more.  And, of course, I can’t even count any more the number of people that I have met that have had their appendix removed while they were operated on for another reason.  The prevailing thought is… “well, while we have you open, we might as well remove this little unnecessary part.” Need another example?  How about the trend for women to have breasts removed as a preventive treatment for breast cancer?  This isn’t medicine, its disgusting mutilation, and can only be explained with the understanding that there is a sickness to blame. Another symptom of this viral infection appears to have caused medical researchers to find the wrong solution to the problem that they are seeking to treat or fix.  This appears to happen at the conceptual level.  For instance, the problem of acid reflux is a prime example.  Here, instead of asking how acid can be kept in the stomach, where it belongs, researchers asked how stomach acid can be eliminated.  Do you see the difference here? If stomach acid is eliminated, then all of the jobs that stomach acid has cannot be done… like digestion or maintaining the proper environment of things that grow in the gut or even having the stomach make it’s own protective lining.  If acid is kept in the stomach, where it belongs, then the esophagus does not get damaged or burned and digestion still gets done properly.  I know, the difference is subtle, and yet oh so important for health… that nasty little virus!! And there is the osteoporosis question too.  Researchers asked… “how can we slow the breakdown of bone?”  That was the wrong question… the proper question would have been… “what can we do to increase bone building?:  Again, the difference is very subtle… but ask all those people who have been on Fosamax for years who now have jaw problems because they have been keeping around old, brittle bone if that subtle difference is important or not! Maybe the scariest part of this story is that the spread of the virus is now noted in people in every aspect of society.  No longer does it appear to be limited to affecting people who are primarily in the medical field.  I have noticed clear signs of infection in the advertising world, in educators; in government officials… it seems that demented thinking is running rampant today. The problem is that people that are already infected have the hardest time accepting the fact that they are sick.  In fact, I challenge you to go to your doctor and ask him/her if they have even heard of this virus.  When they say no, you will know that they are infected.  And if they can’t admit that they are sick then they certainly cannot be convinced to seek treatment. My mission in life isn’t just to point out the problems of the medical world… I’m all about solutions.  And so, it is my extreme pleasure to tell you that the story of the znes nommoc virus may just have a happy ending after all.  You see, it appears that there are those of us that are clearly immune to this virus.  There are people in the world that readily recognize backward thinking, and reject it immediately.

And it appears that the immunity is naturally spreading.  The anecdote to infection is two simple words… COMMON SENSE!

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