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I just want to tell you how thrilled I am with my first order! The source I had been using for many, many years for this product had gone out of business and I was really praying I could find a good replacement go-to place! Since this item is so expensive, I really was hesitant. Boy, am I glad I jumped in and ordered from you! Your customer service is excellent, your shipping very fast (and FREE!) and your prices the most reasonable.

With just one order, you have made me an extremely happy customer and I will spread the word!

Thanks again!


I found this website thru a Google search, I wanted to say that I’ve watched almost all the YouTube videos. They are excellent!! You explain things very well, and the audio is always very clear.

Thank you for that and NO SHIPPING CHARGE. I buy lots of supplements online, so will come back and look here later.


When I met with Well Being last spring about my migraines, they suggested to stop eating foods with Gluten. It was hard to do as everything I loved to eat contained it. I am happy to inform you that I have not had and migraines since. Some headaches when the weather changes abruptly, but no migraines.
I just thought you might want to know.


I have been following your webinars since my 2nd year in Medical School.
I am soon to open my practice (in just less than 1 year 🙂 ) focusing on chronic degenerative disease with a focus on Auto-immune.

I listened to your stress webinar- and you mentioned there is an adrenal questionnaire that will determine which herbs one should take- as some herbs act more like inhibitory herbs while others are excitatory. Can you please email me this?

Also, I was reading your inflammation article… Would it be alright if I quote your site as a reference in one of my articles?

Thank you for all you do- you furthered my education in the name of true health.

-Dr. P.

I came to listen to you talk at Thrive Group Fitness a few months ago when you told us what supplements everyone should be taking. I started taking your fish oil last year and when I went for blood work in March, I was pleasantly surprised to see my bad cholesterol had dropped from 121 to 104. My doctor still wanted to put me on a statin and I profusely refused. I came to get advise from you and I started taking along with the fish oil, the D3 and the ultra veggie enzymes. I also increased my exercise time. I am happy to say that I now have a bad cholesterol level of 99, my overall cholesterol dropped from 180 to 169, and my A1C dropped from 6.3 to 6.0. My doctor was very impressed and told me I didn’t have to do another blood test for 6 months, and that if I kept going this way, he saw me coming off of my metformin very soon. I now have started taking your daily vitamin supplements and I hope that this, along with my continued exercise and supplement regimen, that I will continue to see great improvement. I also lost some weight like he wanted me to. I am still working on that, but now have the confidence that I can do just about anything. If you have any more suggestions, I would love to know about them. Thank you so much for your talk. It really did encourage me and I am very happy with the results.

-JM, Maryland

Just want to update you on what has been happening since I started with your recommendations.

Much less mucus and PND plus my voice is just about normal. Is it known how milk causes so much mucus production? I’m assuming that I don’t have lactose intolerance?

I have been clear headed no foggy brain since I started. Any idea of the cause behind this?

Usually I never felt hungry just off when I needed to eat but now I feel very hungry and have lost a couple of pounds.

The probiotics haven’t been a problem so I’m pleased about that.

I am pleased and amazed that the changes have been so quick and dramatic.

Many thanks,


You are amazing! This is the best I have felt in decades!

Normally I get very stressed and mean when I have to entertain: Saturday I was calm and pleasant! Also Sunday I slept 7 hours! Probably the first time since July.

Since I heard your lecture at MMOA, I cut out the grains, I was eating oatmeal every morning but could not loose the belly fat. (I had already cut out dairy and alcohol.)

Today I weighed myself and I have lost 7 pounds! I now have a normal BWI thanks to you. My family and I are very grateful for your help and advice and my well being

-L., in Maryland

Hi, thanks again for your great webinars and info that you supply to everyone. One of the best informative websites I have come across. Your talks are so great to listen to (can hear your radio skills in there).

The two biggest problems in my life are my chronic bad back (recently have prolapsed disc and still healing) and migraine headaches (which have no real pattern and only started in last 5 years) Have recently gone grain free and educating myself to become the healthiest I can. Have been an organic freak for the last 12 years and usually very active and thought I am really healthy but after listening to talks on grains, inflammation, thyroid etc I’m not so sure anymore. Anyway thanks again (all the way from Byron Bay, Australia)

Look forward to more webinars.

-B., in Australia

I know it hasn’t quite been 10 days but I am so excited that have to tell you – I feel great! The inflammation in my legs is gone and better then it was on a good day. I have more energy generally but what is most apparent is that I wake up energized. I’ve lost weight already so of course that is encouraging. Off to a good start!

-D.C., in Baltimore


Just wanted to say that I found the webinar very helpful- it’s reinforced my motivation to get back on track in 2014.

I love the information available on the Wellbeing GPS website & how responsive you have been to my emailed questions in the past. I often encourage family & friends to visit the website. Looking forward to more great info in 2014! Thanks for the opportunity to tap into all the helpful info!

Happy holiday wishes to you-

-L., Via Internet

I just wanted to check in and let you know that I’ve been doing a gluten-free diet and I feel great! I took your advice and started adding back in fruit to start, and then a little bit more, like potatoes and a little bit of dairy. I’ve tried a few things that are labeled as “gluten-free” and I haven’t had any reactions. I’ve been still eating more clean because I feel better and I know it won’t give me reactions.

I appreciate all of your help! Thank you for sending me the power adapt and probiotic! I’ll send a check off in the mail here soon!

Have a great week,

-S., Colorado


Well Being’s webinars are priceless and a generous offering that they are given free of charge. I have listened to most of them and have learned so much about the processes of the human body. They give very clear and helpful information on how to approach life, disease, and symptoms holistically.

They have become one of my “go to” people when I’m at a loss with some aspect of my health. He is thorough and insightful and upon his recommendations I have gotten great results from essential supplements, dealing with stress and creating a better sleeping environment!

I have had the pleasure of meeting with Randi several times for hypnotherapy, but not all sessions are just that, she is so in tune to my needs and allows what she senses to lead her. I have gained real insight and have been able to heal on a deep level. She is a gifted and wonderful healer.

-J., Colorado


I really love the webcasts. I’m from Australia so typically download them from YouTube I I can’t login at the appropriate time.

They’re really informative, but also amazingly accessible to the everyday common person – which is so rare.

I’ve started supplementing based on the knew knowledge I’ve accumulated from the webcasts, and my body has been responding very positively.

I was wondering if I can make a suggestion for a future topic. I’m hearing a lot at the moment about antioxidants. But they don’t really go in to the detail of how the antioxidants are different. E.g how is C different from E etc

Also if you can spend some time on glutathione and suggest ways to boost glutathione levels without resorting to supplements sold by pyramid selling schemes, I’d really appreciate it

I’m a big fan of the program, keep up the great work. You’re making a difference in the world and you are reaching us all the way in Australia.

-T., Australia

I had my thyroid tested last week and the doctor’s office called to tell me that the results were in the normal range. I was so happy to get that news! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

-D., Baltimore, Maryland

Just wanted to update you on how the fish oil and potassium/magnesium supplements are going for me. In short, they are going great! I bought a home bp machine to use, and the night before I started the supplements, my bp was consistent with what it had been at the doctor’s office (133/92). The next morning, after I had taken my first dose of pills, it was 114/74. I’ve continued to test myself daily, and while it has bounced a little bit up and down (typically lowest in the morning and higher at night), it’s generally right around 120/80. So I’m thrilled. I’m surprised that the pills would work so quickly, so perhaps there is also something psychological going on, but still it’s been over two weeks now, and I’m still seeing really good numbers. I have an appointment with my doctor in about a month, so I’m hoping things will continue as they are right now. Will continue to update you, and definitely call when I need to place a new order.

Thank you so much for helping me find a solution without getting on a blood pressure drug at age 38!

-M., Bethesda, Maryland

Good morning! I have been taking the power adapt regularly this week and I really feel a difference. I have stopped drinking caffeine at lunch and in the afternoon and still feel good, not drowsy at all. Can you send me some more?

-K, Florida

I had my 3 month visit with Dr. T today. She was so excited about the weight loss, but more so about the lab results. She kept reading the 1st labs and then the 2nd labs and was going on and on about how wonderful it is to see the changes. She’s totally stoked about whatever it is that you are doing. I told her how much I appreciate that she actually acknowledges your way working with her way. Goodness knows all docs don’t.

Just wanted to let you know she was thrilled. Kept saying how exciting it is to see the changes.

-L, Baltimore, Maryland

Joyous News! My Aunt is making really great progress on the supplement plan. She is sleeping better, experiencing less joint pain and has started biking to work.

-L, Colorado

I just want to say thank you for the very interesting information provided on the webinar today. My husband and I have been following the advice especially concerning sugar and we both have lost over 10 pounds each since Christmas.

All of the books that I have been reading lately actually support everything in the talk and it was explained beautifully. I do not intend to ever take statins and feed the drug selling machine. I would rather eat the way nature intended and feed myself excellent health. Thank you so much.

-L., Colorado

I went through the ultimate test yesterday. I rode my dirtbike through uncut Timothy Hay / Orchard grass that was between 3-4 feet tall. Historically, I would have been broken out with my eyes swollen shut sucking on an inhaler. I have not taken any allergy medicine (or the natural D-Hist) in over two weeks and absolutely NO reaction. Amazing!

-A., Pennsylvania

My thyroid supplement worked. My thyroid bloodwork came back perfect, so I plan on finishing out my supplements and monitoring my bloodwork again. Thank you so much, and I’m passing on the good word on how helpful you truly are! Thanks again.

-K., Havre de Grace, Maryland