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Well Being’s free webinars offer timely information on a variety of health and wellness topics. With each webinar Brian Sanderoff offers tips and ideas for being well. The sessions are engaging and informative, with a question-answer period at the end. See our complete list of upcoming webinars and all of our other upcoming events in our full Event Calendar.

Reflux and GERD: Fix the Problem, Not the Symptom

Medicine is excellent at asking questions and looking for solutions. But what happens when the question that is asked is the wrong question? What happens is that the solutions don’t really fix the problem in the first place.
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Sports Injury Recovery

From the highly trained athlete to the weekend warrior to the aging office worker trying to stay healthy or lose weight, suffering a sports or gym injury can be the bane of our existence. And when that happens, all sorts of messages like “no pain, no gain” drive us to either ignore the pain, or make it go away with anti-inflammatories.
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Nitric Oxide: Miracle Molecule

Nitric Oxide was proclaimed the “Molecule of the Year” in 1992, and was the subject of winning the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998 for discovering it’s role in cardiovascular function.

So why is it that years later most people have only heard of it in passing (if at all), and certainly have little idea about how increasing their body’s ability to make it would impact their health and longevity?
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Inflammation – the underpinning of practically every disease

We all know what inflammation in a joint feels like. Twisting an ankle results in pain and swelling – the body’s attempt to get us off of our feet for a while and ultimately to repair any damage that was done. In this instance, inflammation is part of the healing process.
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Healthy and Lasting Weight Loss »

In this webinar, holistic pharmacist Brian Sanderoff will explain the biochemical reasons why we are gaining weight and gaining fat, the simple rules to follow to reverse this trend, why exercise is so important in getting your body to use sugar more appropriately, the role that improper sleep plays in adding pounds every year, and how and why stress contributes to our expanding waistlines.
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Leaky Gut: The Most Devastating Condition You’ve Never Heard Of »

The lining of your gut is the initial (and maybe most important) barrier between you and the outside world.  Starting with digestion and ending with elimination, cells throughout the digestive tract ultimately decide what is allowed to come into your body – like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, sugars – and what shouldn’t – like various toxins, heavy metals, partially digested proteins, allergens, etc. View online ».

Osteoporosis: Building Strong Bones for a Lifetime »

Our bodies are designed to ultimately do whatever is necessary to preserve life – a concept called homeostasis. Many chronic diseases are actually the result of this process in action. Osteoporosis is the perfect example of this.

The Cholesterol Myth »

Do you know what the number one killer in America is today? Cancer? Heart Disease? Nope – the number one killer of Americans is misinformation. And the cholesterol story is a prime example. Have you ever wondered why nearly half the people having heart attacks have always had their cholesterol below 200?. View online ».

Healthy Detoxing – Fact vs. Fiction »

Nothing is more disappointing than planning a great vacation, and then getting sick while away, and not being able to enjoy your prized time away. View online ».

Planning to Travel? Protect Yourself »

Nothing is more disappointing than planning a great vacation, and then getting sick while away, and not being able to enjoy your prized time away. View online ».

Attention Issues in Children and Adults »

In this webinar, Holistic Pharmacist Brian Sanderoff will educate you about the various reasons why children and adults can have issues with attention, and the numerous steps that can be taken to fix this problem, including dietary concerns, getting proper sleep, the vital role of exercise, and the supplements that can be taken to enhance the ability of brain cells to communicate with each other. View online ».

PCOS – A Modern Epidemic (but isn’t really a disease) »

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, PCOS for short, is quickly becoming a recognized part of the American Medical lexicon, much like Osteoporosis did 20 years ago. View online ».

Healthy Transformations – Scientifically Proven Weight Loss »

In this webinar, holistic pharmacist Brian Sanderoff will outline the Healthy Transformation program, contrast it with other popular diet plans, and ultimately help you turn your new Year’s resolution into a lifetime reality! View online ».

Living Grain Free – 8 Weeks to Change Your Life »

Here is a poorly recognized and often ignored fact… for the vast majority of time that humans have been on this planet as a species, grains were not used as a staple in the diet.  And the grains that were consumed are vastly different from the wheat that is available today. View online ».

How to Live Longer – Trade Secrets that Science Has Taught Us »

Searching for the “Fountain of Youth” has been one of man’s pursuits for eons. It has also been postulated that the potential human life span is much longer than we commonly achieve. View online ».

The Holistic Approach to Skin Health »

You may only think of your skin as that thing that holds your insides together, but actually your skin is likely your largest organ, the function of which is very complex and vital to your overall health. View online ».

Maintaining Optimal Brain Function »

Are deteriorations in memory, focus and concentration a natural and acceptable part of aging? The answer is NO even though our MDs may tell us differently. View online ».

Vitamin K: The Untold Story Of A Vitamin Superstar »

Understanding biochemistry is a fascinating and sometimes confounding practice. Complicating matters is the fact that the vast majority of medical research dollars are spent in the pursuit of inventing new chemical entities that can help make companies money. Sometimes a simple vitamin doesn’t get the respect that it should.

A Balanced Discussion About Vaccinations »

Vaccinations have been a common and practically unquestioned medical practice in our country for more than 80 years now. We all know about the vaccines that are required for our children and we hear about the necessity for the flu shot every fall. It also seems that every year there are new vaccines available promising protection against all manner of diseases, including pneumonia, shingles and HPV related cancers.

Understanding Thyroid Function – A Holistic Approach »

The thyroid hormones regulate metabolism in every cell of the body. Because of this fact, thyroid dysfunction (underactive or overactive) can affect virtually every body system or bodily function.

Supplement Research Update »

It seems like every day we hear about the new phenomenal supplement that is going to change our lives. Whether it’s the latest weight loss miracle that Dr. Oz is touting, or the newest potion from an exotic land that your neighbor is selling, or the wonder vitamin that is going to help you live past 100… where do you get balanced, scientific information?

The Real Skinny on Fats »

For years we have been misled about the role that fats play in our health and that we should be avoiding certain fats in our diets. Recent studies have verified the fact that suggesting a “low-fat” diet does not result in less heart disease. Furthermore, the result of that low-fat diet, and what we’ve chosen to consume instead, has directly led to increases in diabetes, obesity and increased suffering from a host of aging diseases.

Probiotics: Good Bacteria for Gut Health and Overall Health »

Bacteria have traditionally been thought of as bad and to be avoided. However, did you know that a healthy adult should have 4 to 5 pounds of “good bacteria” in their gastrointestinal tract? In fact, you should have more cells of the good bacteria in your gut then you have of every other cells in your body combined!

Insulin Levels are the Key to Everything »

Everyone knows that monitoring blood sugar seems important… and whenever you get a blood test, you fasting glucose level is one of the first things checked. And if you blood sugar level is elevated, the doctor gets very concerned. Of course, this is how we diagnose diabetes.

Digestion – The Beginning and End of Health »

Our ability to take something from the outside world, break it down into its smallest parts, and then absorb and use those parts to build and repair your body is the foundation of health. And when this doesn’t (or can’t) happen, that is when disease begins.

The Essential 6 – The Supplements That Everyone Should Take »

Over the years, the question most often asked of Brian Sanderoff, holistic pharmacist and radio show host, is, “What supplements do you take?” The implication is that Brian talks about a myriad of supplements for this or that condition, and the ones that he personally takes must be the really important ones.

Natural Solutions for Anxiety and Depression »

In our society, we see anxiety and depression as diseases. Clearly they are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. Unfortunately, what we do in medicine is try to adjust that brain chemistry without asking the really important question… why is that imbalance there in the first place?

Transitioning Through Menopause Gracefully »

In Western Medicine, menopause is considered a disease that needs to be treated. But menopause isn’t a disease (or a curse – although it may feel like it at times). Menopause is just one of the transitions in life that women go through.

Sports Nutrition – Optimizing Your Efforts »

Whether you are just beginning to exercise for the first time, a veteran in the workout scene, or even an elite athlete, you will appreciate the information shared in this month’s webinar.

Osteoporosis – Understanding how nature intended things to work »

Our bodies are designed to ultimately do whatever is necessary to preserve life – a concept called homeostasis. Many chronic diseases are actually the result of this process in action. Osteoporosis is the perfect example of this.

Allergies »

In medicine, if there is something wrong with our bodies, it is caused by one of two things… either there is some sort of invader from the outside world that needs to be killed (like cancer or a virus) or there is some sort of chemical imbalance that needs to be adjusted.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep — Naturally »

Having trouble getting to sleep at night? Waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason? Not feeling refreshed in the morning when you wake up? Over-the-counter sleep aids and prescription medicines are not the answer.

Healthy and Lasting Weight Loss »

There are a few simple rules, that when followed, will result in the weight loss, and more importantly, fat loss that many of us desire.

Stress — How it Affects Us and How to Change That »

Stress, and how our bodies respond to it, is ultimately a life-preserving mechanism. However, we were not designed to be exposed to chronic, un-ending stress. The results of that work to expose every genetic weakness that we have.

Vitamin D — Fact and Fiction »

Traditional medicines is just now starting to recognize how important Vitamin D is to overall health and avoiding many chronic diseases as we age. This is your opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and stay completely up to date on the latest research involving Vitamin D.

Here comes the flu… Again »

Have you ever wondered why the flu season hits us when it does? There are some simple explanations as to why – and understanding them can give you everything that you need to avoid getting the flu and/or treat the flu if you happen to get it.