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Allergies (seasonal or otherwise) are really just an over-reaction by the immune system. It is the immune system’s job to protect the body from all manner of “invaders” from the outside world. Allergic triggers are one type of invader. From the first exposure, the body creates immunoglobulins specific for each trigger. When that trigger is introduced into the body again, the body is already geared to fight it. Continue reading


Constipation is not respected enough as to it’s potential negative effects on health in Western medicine – and our societal discomfort with even discussing this important issue is part of the problem. Continue reading

Flu (Influenza)

Every year in late summer and early fall we begin to hear about the coming flu, how dangerous it is, and how the best way to protect ourselves is by getting the flu shot. Both of these statements are patently false. Continue reading


Hypoglycemia is a condition characterized by low blood sugar, usually happening 3 to 5 hours after a meal. Typical symptoms may include; headache, mood changes, irritability, nervousness, excessive sweating, mental confusion, and blurred vision. Continue reading


Osteoporosis is the result of demineralization of bone tissue, resulting in the bones becoming fragile and an increase in fracture risk. Osteopenia is the beginning stage of this process. Continue reading


Even though it may seem like the body is not doing anything while sleeping – a whole host of vital activities are going on. And for those of us that don’t sleep because we don’t want to miss anything going on: we end up missing out on more important things indeed. Continue reading