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Hypnosis Programs by Randi Botnick

You can purchase Randi Botnick’s Hypnosis Program MP3s for $11.99 each, or the CDs for $15.99 each, MP3 download links will be sent via email immediately upon purchasing.

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Calm and Relaxed

Image courtesy of moggara12/

Image courtesy of moggara12/

Rest peacefully under a warm blanket of love and protection from your Spiritual Mother, as your nervous system is restored. Follow the guided imagery to swallow a blue light that soothes every cell in your body and moves you into deep relaxation. Positive suggestions that follow include:

  • Recognizing that the part of you that is anxious or afraid is a very young inner child;
  • You are in control of your emotions more and more, you allow God to take control of the other parts of your life; and
  • Every day this builds on itself, so more often than not you are calm and relaxed, peaceful and safe.

Purchase "Calm and Relaxed" Audio Compact Disc.

Dating Joyfully

Image courtesy of t0zz/

Image courtesy of t0zz/

This hypnosis session has been created for women who want to feel more comfortable dating men. This CD offers the following suggestions:

  • Change your views about dating and men, your sexuality, your body and your power
  • Know that you don’t need a lover in your life to make you happy and you don’t need a lover in your life to make you feel complete;
  • Stay in control of all of your actions and you have the power to say yes or no whenever you choose;
  • Maintain healthy boundaries; and
  • The idea of dating now feels very peaceful and very safe.

Purchase "Dating Joyfully by Randi Botnick" Audio Compact Disc.

Earth Energy

Purchase "Earth Energy" by Randi Botnick

Image courtesy of papaija2008,/

This guided visualization is geared towards those who feel overly concerned for others, and have a sense of needing to take care of people and situations in their lives. Allow yourself to be transformed into knowing that you are completely safe, as you follow along on this journey to a luscious middle earth. Enter here to be even closer to your spiritual mother, the Earth. Dive in and fall into the most beautiful, soft, caressing energy of the Mother herself.

This journey continues to offer the following messages:

  • Everyone around you is safe;
  • Your environment is safe;
  • There is nothing you have to do except be truly who you are; and
  • You are eternally loved.

Purchase "Earth Energy by Randi Botnick" Audio Compact Disc.

End Emotional Eating

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography/

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography/

This hypnosis program is designed for daily use as you engage the power of your subconscious mind to accomplish your weight loss goals. Change the way you look at your habits and patterns with food. Engage your subconscious with powerful suggestions to make the desired changes that encourage greater weight loss – and more importantly, help you keep the pounds off. The results can be both immediate and long-term, and remember, hypnosis is natural and non-invasive.

The suggestions offered include:

  • Feel safe knowing that there is always enough food;
  • Replace emotional eating with healthy alternatives;
  • Shed excess weight to reveal your authentic Self;
  • Start an exercise program that is right for you;
  • Find enjoyment in and appreciation of your body; and
  • Gain self-confidence

Purchase "End Emotional Eating by Randi Botnick" Audio Compact Disc.

Exercise Motivation

Image courtesy of Vlado/

Image courtesy of Vlado/

Follow this guided visualization into the Control Room of your mind where you will be able to adjust the settings for all of your exercise and fitness goals. Increase your motivation and energy levels, and pump up your strength and muscle tone. See yourself as the new, fit and trim person you want to be, as you visualize your continued success over 6 months and a year.

Purchase "Exercise Motivation by Randi Botnick" Audio Compact Disc.

Peak Performance

Image courtesy of watiporn/

Image courtesy of watiporn/

Many serious athletes use this type of practice to improve their skills. By actually imagining each part of an athletic event as if it were occurring, allows for lessened physical exertion, improved muscle control, increased stamina, and a greater chance of reaching their goals. Armed with these subconscious messages, your performance goals become easily achievable. Don’t exclude from your health and fitness program what might be the most important tool or all: your mind.

The guided imagery and suggestions on this recording focus on:

  • Increasing motivation;
  • Increasing confidence;
  • Improving performance;
  • Releasing blocks and fears; and
  • Reaching your goal.

Purchase "Peak Performance by Randi Botnick" Audio Compact Disc.

Responsible Spending

Responsible Spending Randi BotnickThis session is for those who wish to get a handle on excess spending, and develop new, more mature ways of handling money. Included are suggestions

  • Being responsible for yourself and your bills;
  • Saving your money;
  • Paying your bills on time;
  • Planning for your future; and
  • Following through on the promises that you make to yourself.

Purchase "Responsible Spending" Audio Compact Disc.

Restorative Sleep

Restorative-Sleep-Randi-BotnickFor help with insomnia and healing from the effects of stress, this CD helps promote a deep, restorative sleep. It begins with a slow progressive relaxation, using imagery of a blue light that creates a protective shield around your body. Suggestions follow to regulate and balance all of the systems in your body, returning your body to its natural state of perfect health, as you move into a deep sleep for the entire night.

Purchase "Restorative Sleep by Randi Botnick" Audio Compact Disc.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking-Cessation-Randi-BotnickThis general smoking cessation recording offers direct suggestions for knowing yourself to be a nonsmoker. It is highly recommended that before beginning this program that the house, car, office, etc. should be cleaned out of all cigarettes and ashtrays, and all remaining cigarettes thrown away. Feel free to use this program along with nicotine gum or patches, as well as any other natural nonsmoking supplements. (For more information, contact Randi Botnick or Brian Sanderoff at Well Being Holistic Pharmacy.)

After a guided relaxation into a deep hypnotic state, positive suggestions follow:

  • Feel very proud of all of your accomplishments;
  • You are now more motivated and more determined than ever before to reject all that is unhealthy and harmful to you;
  • You have made the choice to be a non-smoker and your body now rejects smoking cigarettes;
  • Drink water to clear any and all cravings and thoughts of smoking;
  • Visualize your daily routine, now as a nonsmoker; and
  • You are healthy and happy and feel great as a nonsmoker.

Purchase "Smoking Cessation by Randi Botnick" Audio Compact Disc.

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So I'm thrilled. I'm surprised that the pills would work so quickly, . . ., but still it's been over two weeks now, and I'm still seeing really good numbers.
- M.
Bethesda, Maryland