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Randi Botnick

Randi Botnick’s transformational healing practice includes Hypnotherapy, the Results System®, energy healing, and more. Her focus is on clearing trauma and old patterns of discomfort and disease through the body, the subconscious mind and the energy field, fostering a greater connection to the client’s Higher Self and Spirit.

Randi incorporate such natural remedies as flower essences, essential oils, sound therapy, and more. These techniques work at the cellular level, producing lasting changes that allow you to live your life free from the constraints of your past.

Hundreds of clients have found relief from trauma, depression, anxiety and panic, phobias, addictions and excess weight, regardless of whether these issues stem from this lifetime or a past lifetime.

Randi’s gifts of intuition and insight, coupled with years of training and practice, help you reach a deeper level of self-awareness — beyond the bounds of traditional talk therapy.

For more information visit and to make an appointment call Randi at (443) 621-6059 or email