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Jill Prevas

Jill Prevas is a Certified Health Coach. Jill received her health coaching education from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York City and her BSN from The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Additionally, Jill has been trained to be a First Line Therapy Life Educator with Metagenics. As a lifestyle educator, Jill works closely with individuals, teaching therapeutic lifestyle changes such as healthy nutrition, exercise, and stress management. Jill also understands the compulsive emotional issues that underlie eating, dieting and exercising. Jill is passionate about seeing her clients lose weight and feel better in their body; find freedom from emotional eating; develop a new, friendly relationship with food; experience increased energy; discover what lifestyle behaviors need modification; explore new foods, and set and accomplish goals.

To set up an appointment or if you just want to ask questions, contact Jill by phone at (410) 458-9919 or visit her website –