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Brian Sanderoff

Brian Sanderoff is the director and principal owner of the Well Being Healing Center and Holistic Pharmacy in Owings Mill, Maryland.

In the past 20 years of clinical practice, Brian has been able to integrate his tradition medical training as a pharmacist with his experience and unique knowledge base in the realms of nutrition and herbalism into a practice geared towards finding the true underlying causes of diseases. Through careful examination and evaluation of a patients symptoms, health history, family history, lifestyle and stresses, Brian is able to devise a plan of action that helps attain the patients specific goals in a directed and timely manner. The tools of Brian’s trade are nutritional and herbal supplements, advice about lifestyle – including diet, exercise, sleep, stress reduction and coping mechanisms – and an intuitive sense of “health direction.”

Brian is certified as a FirstLine Therapy Healthcare Provider – a formal therapeutic lifestyle change program geared towards weight loss and normalizing blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, hormonal balance, immune function, brain chemistry, etc.

Brian earned his B.S. Pharmacy degree in 1984 from The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. Upon graduation he managed and later owned 2 small community pharmacies in downtown Baltimore neighborhoods.

For over 17 years (beginning in 1993) Brian hosted and produced “Your Prescription for Health”, a talk radio program that began as a straight medical show but quickly evolved into a forum for discussion about alternative or complementary medicine. The show had at times been syndicated into Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. from its home base in Baltimore.

In the past, Brian owned and operated a nearly 10,000 square foot wellness center that included a holistic pharmacy, organic café, yoga studio, personal training studio and a clinical area with treatment rooms for alternative health practitioners.

Brian currently teaches a course entitled The Holistic Approach to Anti-Aging for the Johns Hopkins University Odyssey Program and is a past Clinical Assistant Professor and formerly taught a course on herbalism and alternative medicine at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

Brian occasionally speaks throughout the United States about the clinical use of herbs and nutrition. He also has written several monthly health columns for 3 local papers. Brian also was one of four people to serve on the Bayer/One-A-Day professional advisory panel for the year 2000.

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