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About our Practitioners

Brian Sanderoff

Brian Sanderoff is the director and principal owner of the Well Being Healing Center and Holistic Pharmacy in Owings Mills, Maryland.

In the past 20 years of clinical practice, Brian has been able to integrate his tradition medical training as a pharmacist with his experience and unique knowledge base in the realms of nutrition and herbalism into a practice geared towards finding the true underlying causes of diseases. Through careful examination and evaluation of a patients symptoms, health history, family history, lifestyle and stresses, Brian is able to devise a plan of action that helps attain the patients specific goals in a directed and timely manner. The tools of Brian’s trade are nutritional and herbal supplements, advice about lifestyle – including diet, exercise, sleep, stress reduction and coping mechanisms – and an intuitive sense of “health direction.”

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Randi Botnick

Randi Botnick’s transformational healing practice includes Hypnotherapy, the Results System®, energy healing, and more. Her focus is on clearing trauma and old patterns of discomfort and disease through the body, the subconscious mind and the energy field, fostering a greater connection to the client’s Higher Self and Spirit.

Randi incorporate such natural remedies as flower essences, essential oils, sound therapy, and more. These techniques work at the cellular level, producing lasting changes that allow you to live your life free from the constraints of your past.

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Stephanie Pessin

Stephanie Pessin

Stephanie Pessin is a Physical Therapist, Holistic Bodyworker, and Educator, with deep experience developing practical plans of care for continuing movement and health. For more than 20 years, she’s helped a range of people – from those who seek to prolong lifelong enjoyment of their chosen activities and sports, to injured clients dealing with the challenges of reducing pain and improving functional mobility. Her background includes Physical Therapy positions in rehab centers, outpatient clinics, hospitals, and home health settings.

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Jill Prevas

Jill Prevas is a Certified Health Coach. Jill received her health coaching education from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York City and her BSN from The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Additionally, Jill has been trained to be a First Line Therapy Life Educator with Metagenics. As a lifestyle educator, Jill works closely with individuals, teaching therapeutic lifestyle changes such as healthy nutrition, exercise, and stress management. Jill also understands the compulsive emotional issues that underlie eating, dieting and exercising. Jill is passionate about seeing her clients lose weight and feel better in their body; find freedom from emotional eating; develop a new, friendly relationship with food; experience increased energy; discover what lifestyle behaviors need modification; explore new foods, and set and accomplish goals.

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