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What is the cost?

There are 2 parts of the “costs” question… the consultations and the “medical foods” that are part of the program…

For the consultations, it goes like this:

The initial consultation is $180. This is an extensive 1 ½ hour visit where we go over your health history, your goals (weight loss and otherwise- like lowering your blood pressure), medicines and supplements that you are already on, your current diet, etc. We run the Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) which tells us your body composition (fat and muscle), fluid contents and distribution (inside of cells vs. outside of cells) and your basal metabolic rate (how many calories your burn while sitting around doing nothing). All of this information allows us to design a specific food-eating plan for you. We go over the low-glycemic diet in detail, recommend supplements and an exercise regimen, talk about sleep and stress, etc. You will also receive the guidebook (We like to call it the owner’s manual for your body) which explains in greater detail everything that we have gone over in the session.
Follow-up consultations are either ½ hour for $60 or 1 hour for $120. Most people only require the shorter session. The BIA is run at each follow-up so that we can make sure that weight loss is happening properly – meaning that you are losing fat and not muscle. We also are able to monitor how fluid distribution is changing – we want more fluid inside of cells – and other indicators of positive changes. Follow-ups usually happen every 2–3 weeks, more often at first.

For the “medical foods”:

“Medical Foods” are shakes and bars and are an integral part of this program. Most people will eat 3-4 meals and add 2 medical foods every day. They are low glycemic and are a source of nutrition and protein. They are part of the 5-6 meals a day program.

There are various shakes that may be recommended depending upon the patient and their particular needs. There are baseline shakes and then ones that we use for people with cardiac risks or sugar challenges or inflammation issues or for people that need help detoxifying. It can be common for us to change the shake during the treatment as the patient’s needs change. For example… we might start somebody out with the detoxifying shake and then after a month we might then switch to the shake that helps the body handle sugar more efficiently.

The average cost for a shake and a bar every day is about $5.

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