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What is a TLC?

“TLC” stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Change.  According to standard medical guidelines, when someone goes to their MD and they show signs of having increased blood pressure or cholesterol or triglycerides or blood sugar the first thing that their doctor is supposed to do is help them institute a therapeutic lifestyle change program.  This is dictated to be done before writing any prescriptions.  In practice this usually equates to the doctor telling their patient to “go home and get on a diet and get some exercise”.  This is usually the case because of a lack of available time (insurance only pays for about 7 minutes per patient with the doctor) and a lack of proper training.  Of course, the patient comes back in a couple of months and still has the elevated blood pressure or cholesterol or triglycerides or blood sugar and the prescription writing frenzy begins.

FirstLine Therapy is the missing piece.  This program is an organized, highly effective Therapeutic Lifestyle Change program that helps people learn to control their health without the use of prescription medicines through proper diet, exercise, stress reduction, sleep, etc.  Not only may people end up lowering all of the indices that are mentioned above – they also may find that they loss weight and fat, have increased energy, better hormonal balance (men and women), sleep better, have more even moods… the list goes on and on!

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