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What happens when I get stuck?

Our program is designed to make sure that people set reasonable and reachable goals and meet those goals.

There are times when the process gets bogged down for whatever reason.  We supply the support and resources to burst through any wall as your progress with this plan.

These resources include constant counseling to help make adjustments in the program when needed and specific supplements to help the body make necessary changes.

Jill Prevas, the certified lifestyle educator, is also a nurse and certified health coach… so there is no motivation issue that we can’t help with.

Brian Sanderoff, our pharmacist and certified FLT healthcare provider is an herbal and nutritional counselor.  There are many supplements that can help mitigate the effects of stress, help to enhance sleep or metabolism, help get rid of toxins, help induce utilization of fat for energy, etc.

We have certified trainers on staff to help with any exercise issues.

As long as we are able to determine the reason for getting stuck, we are able to get past it!!

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