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What are your thoughts on supplementing with Boron to increase testosterone?

What are your thoughts on supplementing with Boron to increase testosterone?  I’m a 56 year old fit male on a low carb, high fat, cruciferous vegetable lifestyle.

 If you recommend boron what dosage do you recommend? Do you recommend a particular brand?

I thoroughly enjoy your site, blogs, and webinars.

Thanks for reaching out and thanks for the kind words about the site.

I just want to clarify something… you said you are on a low carb, high fat… diet. I want to make sure you are not talking about being vegetarian… that you are eating animal proteins…

For the body to make testosterone properly, a few factors need to be in place…

  1. You have to have the proper amino acids to make it. You hear about arginine and ornithine as the most important ones. I am not a fan of taking a supplement for this – I would much rather you make sure you are getting adequate amounts of animal proteins in your diet (probably a minimum of .75 – 1 g of protein per pound of body weight if you want to build) AND the ability to break that protein down properly. This becomes a bigger issue as we age – a decrease in HCl production in our stomach. So I often have people take a plant-based digestive enzyme when they eat – which helps them break the dietary proteins down into the individual amino acids. The formula I use most often is Digestzyme V by OrthoMolecular.
  2. You have to instruct your body to use the amino acids to build (meaning increasing Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone)… and you do that with weight-bearing exercise. When you use your muscles, you create tiny little tears in the muscle cells (microscopic) and the body responds by making the hormones it uses to repair the cells, HGH and Testosterone.
  3. You have to get sleep at the proper time – and that means being asleep between 10pm and 2am… this is the key time that the body does it’s regeneration and repair. And not being asleep during this time makes it harder for your body to make and balance hormones, including HGH and Testosterone.

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