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Is there something you could recommend for my daughter’s (27) yeast infections?

My daughter (27) has a tendency to get vaginal yeast infections. She has had one now for 4 weeks! She’s eliminated sugar and yeast from her diet. She’s taking a probiotic (over the counter I presume) and has been eating greek yogurt every day. Is there something you could recommend? Her gynecologist is treating her with no success.

So, on the surface, it sounds like she is doing the right things… I’m not crazy about the yogurt… it doesn’t have enough of the good bacteria to make a difference… and often times has too many sugars…

It may be that the probiotic formula that she is using isn’t the strongest or proper mix… sometimes those products don’t have any live bacteria in them once they reach the consumer…

There is a specific formula that we use for just such occasions called “Women’s 50 Billion”, a very specific, very potent, shelf-stable formula… 2 a day of this for a week, then 1 a day for a while should really help clear things up…

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