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The Real Skinny on Fats

Feb 19, 2013 @ 12:00 pm EDT - 1:00 pm EDT


For years we have been misled about the role that fats play in our health and that we should be avoiding certain fats in our diets. Recent studies have verified the fact that suggesting a “low-fat” diet does not result in less heart disease. Furthermore, the result of that low-fat diet, and what we’ve chosen to consume instead, has directly led to increases in diabetes, obesity and increased suffering from a host of aging diseases.

In this webinar, holistic pharmacist Brian Sanderoff will clear up the confusion and help get you back on the road to being healthy. You will learn how important fats are to normal physiologic functions, how dietary fats affect obesity and heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and how to properly balance your fats through your diet and with supplements.