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Probiotics: Good Bacteria for Gut Health and Overall Health

Jan 15, 2013 @ 7:00 pm EDT - 8:00 pm EDT


Bacteria have traditionally been thought of as bad and to be avoided.  However, did you know that a healthy adult should have 4 to 5 pounds of “good bacteria” in their gastrointestinal tract?  In fact, you should have more cells of the good bacteria in your gut then you have of every other cells in your body combined!

In this webinar, holistic pharmacist Brian Sanderoff will explain how important maintaining the proper bacterial environment in you GI tract is to digestion, elimination, immune function and the aging process.  He will also go over the factors that can negatively influence the good bacteria, including prescription medicines.  Lastly, Brian will help you understand the best ways to maintain and encourage the proper growth of these probiotics.