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Calming Your Fears: Understanding Viruses from a Different Perspective

Nov 20, 2014 @ 7:00 pm EDT - 8:00 pm EDT


Fundamental to existence in our world is the fact that mankind has a “relationship” with other living entities.  That means other humans, other animals, plants and even bacteria and viruses.

Understanding our immune systems, and how viruses work, live and interact with us, is key to being able to better survive those interactions.  Or, put another way, how and why do we get a viral infection?

In this webinar, holistic pharmacist Brian Sanderoff will educate you about how viruses take over a cell, hijack that cells DNA, and use that to reproduce.  And more importantly, how to better protect us from a host of viruses, including the simple influenza virus that causes the seasonal flu as well as more dread kinds of potential threats, like Swine Flu or even Ebola.


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