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Who can you Trust About the Quality of your Supplements?

Recently on NBC’s Dateline an episode aired discussing the nasty business of “dry labbing” that may occur in the supplement industry. “Dry Labbing” is a term used representing a fraudulent activity where a chemical testing laboratory...

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Ever heard of the Cochran Report? You’ll be glad you have now!

The Cochrane Collaboration is an organization that produces “reviews” of studies from around the world on various topics. In effect, these reviews combine the results of multiple studies in an attempt to better understand the results...

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B-12 Deficiency Behind Mental Decline?

A recent NY Times article speaks to the fact that an undiagnosed Vitamin B-12 deficiency may be behind the mental decline that is often attributed to the aging process and also such diseases as age-related dementia...

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Vitamin E and Prostate Health – another erroneous study

Recent news reports talk about the SELECT study and how Vitamin E may increase the risk of prostate cancer. Here is a link to the MSNBC report.

Recently Reported Multi-Vitamin Study – Poor Design and Faulty Conclusions

Recently there were news reports about a study supposedly identifying the fact that older women are actually harmed, and their death rate is higher, from taking a multi vitamin. Here is a link to the ABC...

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The new “Superstar” supplement

How our bodies handle sugar and modulate inflammation are the two most important factors in the genesis of almost every chronic disease… this is fact. There are many things that we can do to affect underlying...

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New York Times article about safe supplement use

A recent article in the New York Times speaks about the dangers of supplements with tainted or adulterated ingredients being a health hazard to society. I certainly can’t argue with the examples that they present –...

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About the Well Being Brand

When it comes to supplying the best supplements, we do not throw around the word quality lightly. To us it encompasses a whole range of important elements, which must all be in place and substantiated in...

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