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SAD // Well Being radio

Today I’m going to discuss a sad subject ? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  It’s the time of year when certain folks start having issues with depression, etc.  I’ll talk about the things that can be done...

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Ketogenic Diets // Well Being Radio

This week I’m talking about ketogenic diets and the health benefits of getting into ketosis. I’ll also be discussing an interesting study that came accross my desk this week. Download this episode “

Thought Virus // Well Being Radio

This episode I take a look at what have been termed “thought viruses”, how they apply to our interaction with medicine and how our health gets affected. I’ll also talk through a few interesting tidbits that...

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On My Mind // Well Being Radio

On today’s show, I’m going to share what happens to be on my mind right now, including some interesting studies that I’ve seen. Some topics will include things that can disrupt thyroid function, the connection between...

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End Trial and Error // Well Being Radio

Why is it that in medicine, when it comes to brain chemistry imbalances, we use a pretty unscientific method of “trial-and-error” to fix things for folks with depression, anxiety, sleep issues, OCD, etc? Did you know...

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Emotion Origins // Well Being Radio

Ever wonder where your emotions are coming from? If you’re like me, then you’ve been trained to fear uncomfortable or problem-causing emotions, and to keep them inside. Or maybe you have learned to express them in acceptable ways....

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News Roundup // Well Being Radio

I’ve seen a ton of interesting research cross my desk over the past few seeks ? so I’m going to review all of it, including talking about Urinary Tract Infections, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Asthma. Download...

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The Essential 6 // Well Being Radio

The Essential 6 is finally here, and I’m very excited to present all of the information about what it is how and how to get it!  You can be the first on your block to have...

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Cookware // Well Being Radio

Many of you strive to live your lives in as healthy a manner as possible? eating organically, taking supplements, getting exercise and sleep. But what kind of cookware do you use?? Making the wrong decision here might have...

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Science Update // Well Being Radio

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to give you a proper science update ? so I’m going to review some new studies in regard to fish oil and vitamin D, two pieces of The...

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