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Life’s Most Important Numbers

Well Being is excited to announce a new program we will be offering called BrainSpan. BrainSpan is a simple finger stick blood test that will allow you to measure, track and improve your brain and body...

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Daily Ubiquinol Boosts Athletic Performance

Supplementing with Ubiquinol can help improve athletic performance and improve the condition of your heart. Continue reading

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Recent Research Verifies Link Between Diabetes and Cancer Risk

How your body handles sugar is directly linked to incidence and survival from breast and colon cancer. Continue reading

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Ever heard of the Cochran Report? You’ll be glad you have now!

The Cochrane Collaboration is an organization that produces “reviews” of studies from around the world on various topics. In effect, these reviews combine the results of multiple studies in an attempt to better understand the results...

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B-12 Deficiency Behind Mental Decline?

A recent NY Times article speaks to the fact that an undiagnosed Vitamin B-12 deficiency may be behind the mental decline that is often attributed to the aging process and also such diseases as age-related dementia...

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