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Life’s Most Important Numbers

Well Being is excited to announce a new program we will be offering called BrainSpan. BrainSpan is a simple finger stick blood test that will allow you to measure, track and improve your brain and body cell health through testing, supplementation and re-testing.

We feel there has really been a void in the healthcare system for brain health. When we go to the doctor they monitor our blood pressure, cholesterol, eyesight, hearing plus a number of other markers, but don’t have a test that keeps an eye on our brain health. This is why we are so excited to be partnering with BrainSpan.

Dr. Lynn Shumake will be leading our charge into the arena of brain health using the BrainSpan technology. Through this test, and appropriate supplementation based on the results, we have seen improvement in a number of areas including short term memory, chronic pain & inflammation, attention & behavior, concussion resilience and risk of dementia.

If you would like to purchase the BrainSpan kit, have any questions or would like to speak to Dr. Lynn please visit us here or call us at 888-782-0418.

For more detailed information, please visit

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