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Wayne Bonlie, MD – Holistic Physician to Know About!

I had lunch with a buddy of mine last week. It occurred to me that this is a guy that more people should know about – especially in today’s world of assembly-line medicine and quick-fix pharmaceutical solutions.

Wayne Bonlie is a holistic physician that I admire tremendously. He has an incredible understanding of the human body and all of its workings… but more importantly he has respect for that body and keen insights into how to get it to work better. Recognizing that each of us are individuals, and have a unique set of experiences that have led to where we are in our health right now, is paramount to finding suitable, lasting solutions to our challenges.

Wayne is the kind of physician that is willing to take the time to get to know you as that individual! He also is interested in what your goals are, and your particular sensibilities, so that he can custom tailor treatments geared towards meeting those goals. This is a vastly different concept then what most of us are used to with our regular MDs.

Of particular interest to Wayne are Fibromyalgia and Lyme… although I have no hesitation is referring my patients to him for any problem – which I do regularly. And, I will tell you that Wayne is not one of those MDs that you have to wait for months to get in to see – I have had patients be able to get in to see him the next day when needed.

Although his office is in the Lutherville-Timonium area, I know that folks travel to see Wayne from far and wide – that is testimony to what an amazing and unique physician he is. I do encourage you to take advantage of this health asset when the need arises – or better yet, use him as a resource to avoid that need ever arising.

2 responses to “Wayne Bonlie, MD – Holistic Physician to Know About!”

  1. Jerel Brager says:

    Hi Brian, my 17 year old daughter Erika has significant menstrual related pain. She is a committed Division I lacrosse player and the pain is sever enough to interrupt her play ( not to mention miserable ). She is not sexually active, but is about to start taking birth control pills to help with the pain. This is driving me nuts…Do you have a protocol for this issue? She also has problems with acne and is taking a topical prescription medication for this..I suggested she take fish oil, but I am sure you have other ideas. She could come and see you if appropriate. Hope you are doing well.

    Jerel Brager

    • Hi Jerel…

      There are various protocols to try here – which one depends upon a few factors. It is most likely that she has estrogen dominance, meaning that her hormones are out of balance with too much estrogen and not enough progesterone. On the estrogen side, the factors can include genetics, diet, gut function, and exposure to xenoestrogens (estrogen-like compounds from the environment, including plastics). On the progesterone side, it is usually low because of stress and cortisol production – the body uses progesterone to make cortisol. There are fixes for both of these potential issues…

      I would be happy to meet with her (and you guys) to get some answers and then make some suggestions… please feel free to call the office to schedule a time to come in!!


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